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Music and literature are not simply expressions of artistic forms: they are more than this. They represent the light among the shadows, the unique road to salvation from a world of darkness and tragedy , shaped by an absent, def and mute god who has betrayed, forsaken and forgotten all that he’s created.

This Void Inside came into being from this kind of philosophical concept. The band was originally formed in 2003 by Dave Shadow (ex front man of the Italian gothic My Sixth Shadow) and was more a musical “forge” where experimenting new sounds and new concepts than a true band. In 2006 Dave met Johnny Rainbow (the ex guitarist of TVI) during a gothic evening in Rome, and after listening to Dave’s material he decided to join the band .

After several months spent searching for musicians, the band has been his official line up only at the beginning of 2008

Between August and November 2007 they recorded their first twelve tracks promo cd @ Dark Dave Studios. The album, called “Dust”, has been produced, mixed and mastered by Dave Shadow.

All songs has been written by Dave Shadow, except SEND ME A SIGN and WISH, written by Dave Shadow and Victor Love.

The debut full length has been officially released on February the 14th 2008 in limited edition for true fans only, while the band has definitely started playing on stage in Rome attending to important gothic festivals and supporting important gothic bands.

Dust v. 1.0 limited edition (300 copies) has been sold out in 2 months only after the release date! A first important goal for a new gothic band!

In may 2008 This Void Inside reached its second goal by signing for DECADANCE RECORDS (Latexxx Teens, Pulcher Femina, Siva Six) Due to the unexpected feed back the debut album achieved in a very short length of time, This Void Inside and DECADANCE RECORDS worked to a new version of Dust.

“Dust v 2.0” had been enriched by a brand new layout and artwork and been out in October 2008 . At the present the band is working on his second full lenght!

Stay tuned!

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